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Around Blocks

Opening the Internet
for Friends and Family
with Tor

Tor is a public anonymity network used by millions of people around the world to bypass internet censorship and to avoid surveillance.

This site provides step-by-step instructions on setting up and using Tor and one of its most useful features: bridges, a hidden gateway into the Tor network. Tor bridges are difficult to block. Each video is a slideshow with voice-overs explaining each step with screen shots.

For many of us, friends and family are our most reliable allies.

And there is a good chance your friends and family are dispersed around the globe. Some of them may be in countries where internet access is censored and common web sites are blocked. Or the internet may be under surveillance, and visiting "unauthorized" web sites may draw oppressive consequences. Or it may be you in that situation. This site aims to enable you and your friends and family to assist each other by utilizing Tor bridges.

Our tutorial videos are meant to be simple, clear, and easy to follow, especially for users who don't consider themselves computer-savvy.

Our goal is to enable groups of people around the world to assist each other. Our project is designed to avoid the need to trust anyone outside of those you don't already trust.

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